Portal Deweloperski

Getting access to API

1. Login to Developer Portal with your OLX Account

Please click the "Sign In" button (or "My Apps"). You will be redirected to OLX login form where you should provide your OLX account credentials.

Login form

If you are logging in to the Developer Portal for the very first time, then we will ask you to grant access permission for Developer Portal to your OLX account (this is safe OAuth2 integration standard).

Connecting to the OLX account

If you agreed, then you will be redirected to Developer Portal to provide your application details.

2. Add a new application

Click the "Connect App" button and fill in the application information form.

New application form

We have to verify your application data. During this process you can see "Waiting for acceptance" status next to your application name.

Waiting for acceptance

3. Confirmation e-mail

We will send you an email notification with verification status. If the verification will be successful, then you will be able use received API credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) and start to call the API.